EcoFlow Delta 1300 Power Station: What Every Buyer Needs To Know

Features and Specifications of the EcoFlow Delta 1300 Power Station

Power Capacity and Output:

  • Massive 1260Wh (watt-hour) capacity for extended power supply.
  • Inverter delivers up to 1800W of continuous power and a surge capacity of 3300W.
  • Suitable for powering small electronics like smartphones, laptops, cameras, as well as larger appliances such as refrigerators and power tools.

Battery Technology and Charging Capabilities:

  • Utilizes advanced lithium-ion battery technology for high energy density and long cycle life.
  • Supports rapid charging via AC power (fully charged in as little as 1.6 hours).
  • Compatible with DC power from carports and solar power using compatible solar panels (sold separately).
  • Built-in MPPT charge controller optimizes solar charging efficiency.

Portability and Design Features:

  • Compact and ergonomic design with built-in handles for easy transportation.
  • Lightweight at just under 31 lbs (14 kg).
  • Informative LCD display provides real-time information on battery status, input/output wattage, and charging status.
  • Multiple AC outlets, DC ports, USB ports, and a dedicated RV port for versatile connectivity.

Compatibility with Various Devices and Appliances:

  • Six AC outlets deliver pure sine wave AC power, ensuring compatibility with sensitive electronics.
  • Multiple USB-A, USB-C, and DC ports for charging smartphones, tablets, cameras, and other USB-powered devices.
  • Dedicated RV port for seamless connectivity with RVs and trailers.
  • Compatible with a wide range of devices and appliances for various applications.

Other Specifications:

  • Net Weight: 30.9lbs (14kg)
  • Dimension: 15.7 x 8.3 x 10.6 in (40 x 21 x 27 cm)
  • Charge Temperature: 32 to 113°F (0 to 45°C)
  • Discharge Temperature: -4 to 113°F (-20 to 45°C)
  • Color: Gray & black
  • Warranty: 24 months

Charge Method:

  • AC Wall Outlet
  • 12V Car Adaptor
  • Solar Panel

Full Recharge Time:

  • 1.6 Hours (AC)
  • 13.5 Hours (12/24V Car Adaptor)
  • 4-8 Hours (Using 4x 110W Solar Panels in parallel)
  • 3.5-7 Hours (Using 3x 160W Solar Panels)
  • 4-8 Hours (Using 1x400W Solar Panel)

Capacity: 1260Wh (50.4V) Cell Chemistry: Lithium-ion Life Span: 800 Cycles to 80%+ capacity

Management Systems:

  • BMS
  • Over Voltage Protection
  • Overload Protection
  • Over Temperature Protection
  • Short Circuit Protection
  • Low Temperature Protection
  • Low Voltage Protection
  • Overcurrent Protection

Cell Type: 18650 AC Charge
Input Power: X-Stream charge (1200W max)
AC Charge Input Voltage: 100-120Vac (50Hz/60Hz)

Solar Charge Input:

  • 400W
  • 10-65V DC
  • 10A max

Car Charger:

  • 12V/24V DC
  • 8A max

AC Output (x6):

  • 1800W total (Surge 3300W)
  • 120Vac (60Hz)

USB-A Output (x2):

  • 5V DC, 2.4A, 12W Max, per port

USB-A Fast Charge (x2):

  • 5V/2.4A,9V/2A,12V/1.5A
  • 18W Max

USB-C Output (x2):

  • 5V DC, 9V DC, 15V DC, 20V DC
  • 3A, 60W Max, per port

Car Power Output (x1):

  • 108.8W
  • 13.6V DC
  • 8A max

Benefits and Applications of the EcoFlow Delta 1300 Power Station

Emergency Power Backup for Home and Outdoor Activities: The EcoFlow Delta 1300 Power Station serves as a reliable emergency power backup solution for both indoor and outdoor scenarios. During power outages caused by inclement weather, natural disasters, or grid failures, the Delta 1300 ensures uninterrupted power supply to essential appliances and devices in your home. Whether it’s powering lights, refrigerators, communication devices, or medical equipment, the Delta 1300 provides peace of mind and enhances safety during emergencies.

Moreover, the Delta 1300 is equally indispensable for outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, and outdoor events. Its portable design and robust power capacity make it an ideal companion for off-grid adventures, ensuring you have access to electricity wherever you go. With the Delta 1300, you can run camping lights, charge electronic devices, power small appliances, and even run portable refrigerators or coolers, enhancing comfort and convenience during outdoor excursions.

Off-Grid Power Solution for Camping, RVing, and Overlanding: For outdoor enthusiasts seeking off-grid adventures, the EcoFlow Delta 1300 Power Station offers a versatile and reliable power solution. Whether you’re camping in remote wilderness areas, RVing across the country, or overlanding through rugged terrain, the Delta 1300 provides the power you need to stay connected and comfortable in the great outdoors.

With its compact and portable design, the Delta 1300 easily fits into RVs, camper vans, and overland vehicles, providing on-demand power for lighting, cooking, entertainment, and electronic devices. Its high-capacity battery and multiple output ports ensure compatibility with a wide range of camping equipment and appliances, allowing you to enjoy all the comforts of home while off-grid. From powering portable stoves and heaters to running laptops and charging camera batteries, the Delta 1300 enhances your outdoor experience and enables limitless exploration.

Powering Electronic Devices During Travel and Remote Work: In today’s increasingly connected world, staying powered up while traveling or working remotely is essential. The EcoFlow Delta 1300 Power Station offers a convenient and reliable solution for keeping your electronic devices charged and operational wherever you go. Whether you’re on a road trip, traveling for business, or working remotely from a remote location, the Delta 1300 ensures you stay connected and productive at all times.

Equipped with multiple AC outlets, USB ports, and DC ports, the Delta 1300 can power a diverse array of electronic devices, including laptops, smartphones, tablets, cameras, drones, and more. Its fast-charging capabilities and high-capacity battery allow you to recharge devices multiple times, ensuring you never run out of power on the go. Whether you’re catching up on emails, attending virtual meetings, or capturing breathtaking moments with your camera, the Delta 1300 provides the power you need to stay productive and connected wherever your travels take you.

Supporting Renewable Energy Systems and Sustainable Living: As the world shifts towards renewable energy sources and sustainable living practices, the EcoFlow Delta 1300 Power Station emerges as a key enabler of this transition. By harnessing solar power and storing it in its high-capacity battery, the Delta 1300 enables users to reduce their reliance on fossil fuels and minimize their carbon footprint.

With its compatibility with solar panels and other renewable energy sources, the Delta 1300 allows users to generate clean and sustainable power wherever sunlight is available. Whether it’s powering a remote cabin, a tiny house, or an off-grid homestead, the Delta 1300 provides a reliable and environmentally friendly energy solution. By supporting renewable energy systems and sustainable living practices, the Delta 1300 empowers individuals and communities to embrace a greener and more sustainable future.

How to Use and Maintain the EcoFlow Delta 1300 Power Station

Setup and Initial Configuration: Setting up the EcoFlow Delta 1300 Power Station is a straightforward process, ensuring you can quickly start using it to power your devices. Follow these steps for a smooth setup and initial configuration:

  • Unbox the EcoFlow Delta 1300 and carefully inspect it for any shipping damages.
  • Place the power station on a stable and flat surface to ensure proper ventilation.
  • Familiarize yourself with the various input and output ports, as well as the LCD display panel.
  • Connect the Delta 1300 to a power source using the provided AC adapter or DC car charger.
  • Power on the unit using the power button and follow the on-screen prompts to complete the initial setup.
  • Once setup is complete, the Delta 1300 is ready to use for charging devices or providing backup power.

Charging Procedures and Safety Guidelines: Charging the EcoFlow Delta 1300 Power Station correctly is essential for optimal performance and safety. Follow these procedures and safety guidelines:

  • Use only the provided AC adapter, DC car charger, or compatible solar panels to charge the Delta 1300.
  • Ensure that the power station is placed in a well-ventilated area during charging to prevent overheating.
  • Avoid exposing the Delta 1300 to extreme temperatures or moisture during charging.
  • Monitor the battery status using the LCD display panel to track charging progress and prevent overcharging.
  • Disconnect the charging source once the Delta 1300 is fully charged to prevent damage to the battery.
  • Regularly inspect the charging cables and connectors for any signs of wear or damage and replace them if necessary.

Maintenance Tips for Prolonging Battery Life: Proper maintenance of the EcoFlow Delta 1300 Power Station is essential for prolonging its battery life and ensuring long-term reliability. Follow these maintenance tips:

  • Regularly clean the exterior of the power station using a soft, dry cloth to remove dust and debris.
  • Keep the Delta 1300 away from direct sunlight, heat sources, and moisture to prevent damage to the battery.
  • Avoid storing the power station in extreme temperatures or humid environments, as this can degrade the battery performance.
  • Periodically check the battery status using the LCD display panel and recharge the Delta 1300 if necessary to maintain optimal battery health.
  • Store the Delta 1300 in a cool, dry place when not in use, and avoid storing it with a fully depleted battery for extended periods.

Troubleshooting Common Issues and Queries: Despite its reliability, the EcoFlow Delta 1300 Power Station may encounter occasional issues or queries. Here are some common troubleshooting steps:

  • If the Delta 1300 fails to power on, ensure that it is properly connected to a power source and try pressing the power button again.
  • If the power station overheats during use, disconnect it from the power source and allow it to cool down before resuming operation.
  • If the battery fails to charge or hold a charge, check the charging cables and connectors for any damage and try using a different power source.
  • If you encounter any other issues or have questions about the operation of the Delta 1300, refer to the user manual for troubleshooting tips or contact EcoFlow customer support for assistance.

Comparison with Similar Power Station Models

Feature EcoFlow Delta 1300 Jackery Explorer 1000 Goal Zero Yeti 1500X Anker Powerhouse 400
Power Capacity (Wh) 1260 1002 1516 434
Output Power (W) 1800 1000 2000 300
Charging Options AC, DC, Solar AC, DC, Solar AC, DC, Solar AC, DC, Solar
Portability (Weight) 30.9lbs (14kg) 22lbs (9.98kg) 45.7lbs (20.7kg) 9.26lbs (4.2kg)
Number of AC Outlets 6 3 2 2
Compatibility (Devices & Appliances) Wide range Limited Limited Limited
Warranty 24 months 24 months 24 months 18 months
Price $1399.00 $999.00 $1999.95 $499.99

Advantages and Unique Selling Points of the EcoFlow Delta 1300:

  1. High Power Capacity: The EcoFlow Delta 1300 offers a substantial power capacity of 1260Wh, providing extended runtime for various devices and appliances.
  2. Versatile Charging Options: With AC, DC, and solar charging capabilities, the Delta 1300 offers flexibility for charging in diverse environments.
  3. Portability: Despite its high power capacity, the Delta 1300 remains portable at 30.9lbs (14kg), making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.
  4. Multiple AC Outlets: Equipped with six AC outlets, the Delta 1300 allows users to power multiple devices simultaneously, enhancing convenience.
  5. Robust Warranty: EcoFlow offers a generous 24-month warranty on the Delta 1300, providing peace of mind and assurance of product quality and reliability.
  6. Competitive Pricing: Priced in the mid-range ($1399), the Delta 1300 offers excellent value for its features and capabilities compared to competitors in the market.

Key Things to Consider Before Purchase

  • Power Capacity: Assess your power needs and determine the minimum power capacity required to meet them. Consider the total wattage of the devices and appliances you intend to power simultaneously to ensure the power station can handle your requirements.
  • Output Power: Pay attention to the maximum output power of the power station, as well as its surge capacity. Ensure it can provide sufficient power for your devices, especially those with high starting or surge requirements, such as refrigerators or power tools.
  • Charging Options: Evaluate the charging options offered by the power station, including AC, DC, and solar charging. Consider your typical charging scenarios and choose a power station with compatible charging options to suit your needs, whether at home, on the road, or off-grid.
  • Portability: Consider the weight and dimensions of the power station, especially if you plan to transport it frequently. Opt for a portable and lightweight design that fits your transportation needs, whether for camping trips, RV adventures, or emergency use.
  • Compatibility: Check the compatibility of the power station with your devices and appliances. Ensure it offers the necessary input/output ports and voltage compatibility to power your devices safely and efficiently.
  • Battery Management: Look for advanced battery management features, such as overvoltage protection, overload protection, and temperature protection. These features help ensure safe and reliable operation while prolonging the lifespan of the battery.
  • Warranty and Support: Evaluate the warranty offered by the manufacturer and the availability of customer support services. A longer warranty period and responsive customer support can provide added peace of mind and assistance in case of any issues or queries.
  • Reviews and Reputation: Research customer reviews and ratings for the power station to gauge its performance, reliability, and user satisfaction. Pay attention to any recurring issues or concerns raised by users to make an informed decision.
  • Price and Value: Compare the price of the power station with similar models on the market, considering its features, specifications, and included accessories. Choose a power station that offers the best value for your budget while meeting your requirements effectively.


  • EcoFlow Official Website: You can purchase the EcoFlow Delta 1300 Power Station directly from the official EcoFlow website. This ensures you’re buying from the manufacturer, guaranteeing authenticity and access to any exclusive offers or promotions.
  • Amazon: Amazon offers a wide selection of portable power stations, including the EcoFlow Delta 1300. You can take advantage of fast shipping options and customer reviews to make an informed purchase decision.
  • Best Buy: Best Buy is a popular electronics retailer that often carries a variety of portable power stations, including the EcoFlow Delta 1300. You can check their website or visit a local store to see if the product is available.
  • REI: REI is a well-known outdoor retailer that often stocks portable power stations suitable for camping and outdoor activities. You can check their website or visit a nearby store to see if they have the EcoFlow Delta 1300 available.
  • Home Depot: Home Depot carries a variety of power equipment and tools, including portable power stations like the EcoFlow Delta 1300. You can explore their website or visit a local store to check availability.
  • Walmart: Walmart offers a diverse selection of electronics and power equipment, including portable power stations. You can search their website or visit a nearby store to see if they stock the EcoFlow Delta 1300.


The EcoFlow Delta 1300 Power Station stands out as a reliable and versatile solution for portable power needs. With its impressive power capacity, multiple charging options, and robust build quality, it offers users the flexibility to power various devices and appliances both indoors and outdoors. Its compact and portable design, coupled with advanced battery management features, make it a practical choice for emergencies, camping trips, RV adventures, and everyday use. Furthermore, with the convenience of online and retail availability, purchasing the EcoFlow Delta 1300 is accessible and straightforward, ensuring users can enjoy uninterrupted power wherever they go.